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We have been on the cloud for years, and all our research tools are on the cloud. We scan documents and save PDF’s to the cloud. Thus all of us are able to work from home just as if we were in the office.  The only difference is that if you cannot reach one of us at the usual office telephone number of (916) 608-8891, you can call Dennis Wilson at his cell phone number: (916) 712-4269. If you cannot reach the office or Dennis, please leave a voicemail message. We check them regularly. In the meantime, we continue to work on our client’s cases, subject to the restrictions resulting from some partially closed courts.

You can also reach Dennis Wilson at dwilson@wilsonlawfirmca.com.  Analisa Herndon’s email address is aherndon@wilsonlawfirmca.com, and Justin Berg’s email is jberg@wilsonlawfirmca.com.  Using email is a good way to reach us. If you email us, please state your preferred method for one of us to contact you.