Updated May 6, 2020, Sacramento County Implementation re Covid-19 (Corona Virus)

Effective May 11, 2020, the Sacramento County Family Law department will be holding law and motion hearings by Zoom. Trials and settlement conferences have not been reset or continued yet. Once rescheduling and scheduling of trials (and settlement conferences) occur, priority will be given to those impacted by the court closure, giving deference to those involving custody, visitation, termination of parental rights and domestic violence. Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) hearings in D-132 will resume beginning May 11, 2020, Monday through Friday, using Zoom telepresence appearances. Hearings scheduled for custody, visitation and support, where DCSS is involved, will resume starting May 26, 2020, allowing Family Court Services time to prepare mediation reports for family law departments. (Implementation of Court Closure Mitigation Plan for May 6, 2020 Until Further Notice Family Law Proceedings Effective May 6, 2020)

I have attached the implementation to our “Orders” page on this website. That order covers Zoom telepresence hearings, domestic violence and elder abuse restraining orders, emergency family law applications (ex partes), law and motion hearings, trials and settlement conferences, Department of Child Support Services Cases, Domestic Violence/Elder Abuse Court, court filings, the Self Help Center, and Family Court Services. You should look at the implementation for the specifics of your matter because it is six pages long and detailed.

See the order here.