People in a divorce can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and assure that they will dislike each other forever by waging a war in the family law courts. A very good alternative is mediation.

In mediation the parties select a neutral third party, who helps them reach an agreement. The process is friendly to the parties and not intended to emphasize confrontation the way lawsuits do. The parties meet with the neutral mediator in a comfortable, safe environment, and the three of them work together to create solutions that work for both parties.

A judge is limited in the range of actions the judge can take at trial. But the parties and a mediator are limited only by their imagination in reaching agreements within the law. In mediation, the parties can devise solutions that are more realistic for the parties, flexible, and designed for the parties’ specific needs.

The parties can split the cost of the mediator any way they want, and do not need to hire two lawyers. If , on the other hand, either party or both parties want to be represented in the mediation by a lawyer, that is perfectly alright. Parties often do that when there are complex issues or a severe imbalance of in the power of the parties when dealing with each other.

Dennis Wilson brings special experience to family law mediation. He is certified by the California State Bar Association as a Family Law Specialist and has over four decades of experience dealing with family law issues.

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