Domestic Relation Orders

As an experienced California family lawyer, you have handled your share of divorces. While you may have experience negotiating division of the assets and getting the best possible settlement for your client, when it comes to Domestic Relations Orders (DROs), the law is nuanced. Even the most experienced family law attorneys may wrongfully assume that they can simply write in a provision that includes an equitable division of the divorcing couple’s retirement plans in the marital settlement agreement.

It is critical that divorce attorneys understand the importance of properly drafted DRO provisions in divorce settlement agreements. Also, a properly drafted DRO protects your clients’ retirement income and, if done improperly, can result in a malpractice claim against the attorney. In response to the risk of malpractice claims against divorce attorneys in this area, the American Bar Association released its ‘Top Ten QDRO Mistakes Experienced Lawyers Make’ training in 2013.

The Wilson Law Firm, a Professional Corporation, can assist you in representing your clients in divorce by handling the DRO portion of the matter. We offer a flat rate for our services, and allow you the flexibility of negotiating the best settlement for your client, while we draft the DRO.

We will draft a variety of DROs and other Orders including:

  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)
  • ERISA Defined Benefit Plan Orders
  • ERISA Defined Contribution Plan Orders, including 401(k) Plans
  • ERISA Hybrid Benefit Plan Orders, including Cash Benefit Plans
  • Federal Civil Service Retirement Plan Orders
  • Federal Retirement System (FRS) Orders
  • State Teachers Retirement (STRS) Orders
  • U.S. Military Retirement System (MRS) Orders
  • CalPERS Orders
  • California Municipal and County Retirement Plans Not Covered Under CalPERS
  • Non-ERISA Private Sector Plan Orders
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Orders

Dennis M. Wilson has been representing California families and individuals for more than 40 years. He is a certified by the California State Bar as a Family Law Specialist, and has taught CLE courses to family law attorneys around the state. If you need assistance with DROs, call the Wilson Law Firm, A Professional Corporation, at (916) 608-8891.