Sooner or later, most families or extended families will experience some sort of divorce or separation. When that time comes, having a capable and compassionate attorney, who is also certified as a family law specialist by the California State Bar, can make all the difference.


Wilson Law Firm, A Professional Corporation, represents clients who need help regarding child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, division of community property, and domestic violence.

Child custody and visitation issues involve questions such as what is in the best interests of the children, what should happen when one of the parents moves away (also known as relocation), what time-share each parent should have, who should be allowed to drive with the children, what schools they should attend, how and where exchanges should take place, and who – if anybody – should have primary physical custody.

Child and spousal support issues involve questions such as what the real income is of each party, whether income should be imputed to one or both parties, whether there should be spousal support and how long it should last, what are the real expenses of the parties, and how to apply the factors in Family Code section 4320 and the following sections.

Distributing the property according to the law means much more than dividing the contents of the cupboard. Some of the issues involved are characterization of property as community property, quasi-community property, separate property, or mixed property; distribution of the property; location of hidden assets; valuation of property; reimbursements of separate contributions to community property; reimbursements of separate contributions to the other party’s separate property; credits for the use of community property during the separation period; valuation and division of retirement plans; and deferral of sale of the family residence during the children’s minority.

People in a divorce often fight over attorney’s fees, costs, and expert witness fees. Family lawyers use expert witnesses such as forensic accountants, real estate appraisers, and mental health professionals. An experienced family lawyer can locate the right expert for you and put your best foot forward while asking the court to order the other party to share in your costs.

People often are unable to resolve their issues regarding property, child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, and domestic violence. They need an experienced, family trial lawyer to stand up for them in court when any of these issues cannot be settled out of court.

A divorce case often never really closes, just going dormant for a while. An experienced family law attorney appreciates the difference. What happens if the kids need private school? What happens if the kids want to go live with Mom? What happens if Dad wants to move to Dubai? What happens if one or both of the parties’ income changes significantly? What if one of the parties is stalking the other? If you cannot resolve these issues between yourselves or in mediation, then you need an experienced family trial lawyer to help you.

Divorce and separation is always a difficult time, to say the least. To make this process a little less painful, contact the Wilson Law Firm, A Professional Corporation to schedule your confidential consultation.