California Judicial Council Adopts Temporary Rules for Corona Virus (Covid-19) Emergency

On April 6, 2020, in response to the Corona virus (Covid-19) emergency, the California Judicial Council issued temporary emergency rules of court 1 through 11.  On April 17, 2020, the judicial council adopted temporary emergency rule 12.  A link to the court’s emergency rules is

The first 11 rules deal with 1) unlawful detainers, 2) judicial foreclosures, 3) use of technology for remote appearances, 4) emergency bail schedule, 5) personal appearance waivers during health emergency, 6) and 7) emergency orders: juvenile dependency proceedings, 8) emergency orders: temporary restraining or protective orders, 9) tolling of statutes of limitations for civil causes of action, 10) extensions of time in which to bring a civil action to trial, and 11) depositions through electronic means. Rule 12 deals with electronic service in place of service by mail.

The rules are detailed, and you should read them carefully.